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Today's recipe:

We return to the annals of frugality for cobbler today.

Now, this dessert can be prepared for a total cost of about sixty-five cents if you have been as the ant and not as the grasshopper. If you don't remember your Aesop... The grasshopper played while the ant stored up food and fuel for the winter; thus the ant lived through the winter while the grasshopper starved and froze. My meaning here is that you should pick blackberries while they are hanging on every corner and roadside free for the taking and freeze or can them for the winter. I used here marionberries mixed with the common Himalayan blackberry--if you use all Himalayans, pick some of them a bit green to supply the acid needed in some recipes. Ten cents for an egg, fifty cents for the nine-ounce white cake mix, five cents' worth of white sugar to sweeten the berries. As mentioned, prudence will ensure you fruit at little to no cost.

Stew the frozen or fresh berries with enough sugar to sweeten them to your taste. When they are stewed, put them into a 9x13 baking dish. Mix the cake mix as the package tells you to and drizzle the batter over the fruit. Bake at the temperature directed on the package until done--probably a little less than the time given.

This makes a delicious cobbler, very effective when served warm.

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